Freitag, 25. März 2011

How I Met Your Mother - Russian remake

I need someone to translate this for us.....


  1. lol i will have to do a review on the american one i love that show :)

  2. lol seriously can any1 translate it ? :D I love himym .. Barney :D

  3. looks better than the american one :D

  4. @amBored Shall i translate? ^^

    -Today Children I tell you the awesome story how i met your mother.
    -Is this a penalty?
    -I was 27, free, with my friend pascha
    -Today you'll propose marriage?
    -Now they have a family and im alone. Because when your best friend marries..
    -ey im your best friend
    -and then i saw Katja
    -Do you want to be my plus one
    -Do you want to be my girlfriend?
    -I think im in love with you.
    -fuck off retart.
    -before i met your mother i tried to find my love on many ways.....
    -(in the disco) i peed :D

  5. The Ted character seems pretty fit for the role, I'm not sure about Barney though :/

  6. One of my favorite American shows! Hahaha.